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 Daniel's PhotoShop Guide

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Admin Daniel
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GFX God and Co Owner

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PostSubject: Daniel's PhotoShop Guide   Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:00 am

Hey everyone! I'm Admin Daniel, but just call me Daniel. Wink A couple people have requested a PhotoShop guide. So here it is. First I will give some information about PhotoShop and where to download it.

PhotoShop is a program that you can create images, GIF banners, PNG banners, and edit images right down to the pixel.

I will explain each of those.
Images - Pictures or things created from scratch by someone. Every image was create from scratch at some point.
GIF banners - Banners that move, like my "ATTENTION LITTLE KIDS" banner.
PNG banners - Any image that is transparent must be a PNG. PNG is simply the file type along with GIF.

I use the full PhotoShop CS3 Extended. To do this whole tutorial, you can simply use the 10 day trial of regular PhotoShop CS3. I WILL not give any links to CS3 because they are download sites, because Adobe doesn't release old versions. You can download PhotoShop CS5 from adobe.com

In this tutorial or guide, I will teach how to create a banner similar to the forum banner for Death PvP. Some things in here are custom, so I will explain how to get custom fonts and brushes.

Fonts - Go here, find a font you like, click download, use WinRar to extract it to your desktop, right click the font, and click install, once you do that it will automatically become available for most programs including adobe, you must restart PhotoShop for this to take effect.

Brushes - For cool custom brushes, go here, find a brush or brush set you like, download it, use WinRar to extract it, and go to this folder location and drag the brush file to it.

More of this guide coming soon! DO NOT POST UNTIL IT IS FINISHED.


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Daniel's PhotoShop Guide
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